Ovechkin’s advice to Kessel? Simply don’t talk to the media

Washington superstar Alex Ovechkin has had to deal with his fair share of media scrutiny, so he knows exactly what Toronto’s Phil Kessel is going through. Ovechkin’s suggestion when it comes to a solution for Kessel is simple: don’t listen and don’t talk.

If there’s one player that knows about media scrutiny, it’s Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin. That’s why there’s no better person to ask than Ovechkin when it comes to how Toronto Maple Leafs star Phil Kessel should be dealing with his recent run-ins with the media.

The Russian superstar has been criticized at times for a lack of determination or will, and, like Kessel, he’s been called everything from lazy to a coach killer. But as Ovechkin pointed out his Capitals took on Kessel’s Maple Leafs in Toronto on Wednesday, there’s an easy solution to all of the Maple Leafs winger’s problems.

The good stuff starts about 45 seconds in, and the big punch line comes about 30 seconds later when Ovechkin says, were he in Kessel’s shoes, he would simply not listen to or talk to the media. If you watch closely, you can see the moment Ovechkin thinks of his final jab, when he cracks a bit of a smile at the 1:19 mark.

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All jokes aside, however, Ovechkin does make a few fair points. It’s been well documented that Kessel is the kind of player who would just like to be left alone. He’s never been a media darling or an extremely good quote, but Ovechkin also points out that as the face of the team, Kessel is going to take all the blame if the team is performing poorly. Like Ovechkin says, though, it’s a teamwide problem, not just a Phil Kessel problem.