Ovie needs class

It’s great to see young players with a passion for the game enjoying themselves, but Alex Ovechkin went too far when he performed a pre-meditated skit after scoring against Tampa Bay.

Pulling a stunt like that against a rookie goalie on a struggling team was disrespectful and uncalled for, regardless of how many fans it amused.

There is a fine line between being excited after scoring a hard-earned goal that helps your team, and putting on a show every time you put the puck in.

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What’s that? It was Ovechkin’s 50th, you say? Well, Martin Brodeur unfortunately did not have a skit prepared when he broke the all-time wins record, so does that mean he is having less “fun” playing hockey than the one and only Alex the Great?

Ovechkin is a fantastic player and truly loves the game, but if he wants to show passion and heart, he should let his play do the talking, rather than childish performances.

Simon Cusumano, Thornhill, Ont.