P.K. Subban hit with $3,000 fine for third diving infraction

P.K. Subban is the first player to be shamed a third time under the NHL’s anti-embellishment movement. Subban’s third infraction, which occurred in a March 12 game against the Ottawa Senators, will cost him $3,000. If punished again, coach Michel Therrien will also get dinged for $2,000.

Fines for diving and embellishment have been dished out to several players this season, but Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban has become the first player to be publicly shamed twice under the new anti-embellishment rules. As such, the NHL has hit his wallet for $3,000.

Subban’s third disciplined embellishment comes little more than a month after he was tagged for diving in a contest against the New York Rangers and fined $2,000, the first punishable amount under the guidelines outlined by Rule 64.

The $3,000 dive came in a March 12 contest against the Ottawa Senators after Subban got tangled up with Erik Condra. Condra’s stick got caught in Subban’s midsection and he fell to the ice. There was no call on the play, and Ottawa’s Bobby Ryan nearly went the other way to score. You can see the incident below:

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Subban’s first run-in with Rule 64 came after a Jan. 6 incident in which he fell to the ice after Tampa Bay defenseman Jason Garrison stuck his stick between Subban’s legs. As it was his first, the punishment was a warning from the league.

Because of the sliding scale — and this being Subban’s third embellishment episode — he is eligible to get hit with even stiffer fines should he continue to be caught diving. If Subban is reprimanded a fourth time, his fine would hit $4,000, with a $2,000 fine for coach Michel Therrien. Each subsequent incident would lighten Therrien’s wallet by $1,000 up to a maximum of $5,000, while Subban’s fifth infraction would garner the maximum $5,000 punishment.