Patrice Bergeron’s Fan Shootout answers

What is the best off-season, off-ice training for someone staying in shape?
– Shawn King, Fogo, Nfld.

Work on your legs – quickness, agility, plyometrics, all those things together help. Speed and quickness is important in today’s NHL.

Because you made the NHL at 18, did you finish high school or did you have to take summer courses?
– Marion Reesor, Saanich, B.C.

I finished high school before junior and then in junior I took some college classes, but didn’t have time to finish. It’s still a project in my mind.

Did you and Crosby have a friendly goal-scoring competition when playing together on Team Canada?
– Andrew Lockwood, Buffalo

No, it was more about helping the team as much as we could and getting the best out of each other.

What is it like to have grown up in Quebec and to play for the Bruins?
– Braeden Pauls, Coaldale. Alta.

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It’s great. Obviously, Boston’s an Original Six team with a great history. Growing up in Quebec City, I was a Nordiques fan, so I followed the rivalries between them, Montreal and Boston. It’s great to continue that tradition.

Who is the toughest opponent to win faceoffs against?
– Brendan Sullivan, New York

I’d say Rod Brind’Amour. The other guy, who I didn’t play against last year, is Yanic Perreault. When he was with Montreal, he gave me a hard time.

Do you have special routines to prepare yourself for a game?
– Jaako Laitinen, Helsinki, Fin.

I come to the rink two hours before game time so I can relax, listen to music, focus outside the dressing room and visualize what I want to do that night.

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