Patrik Elias proves the spin-o-rama isn’t dead

Remember the spin-o-rama? It’s back. Sort of. Patrik Elias used the controversial shootout move to score a beautiful first-period goal against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Friday.

The New Jersey Devils’ Patrik Elias may be 38, but he looked like a hot-dogging 20-year-old Friday when he used a banned shootout move to score on a one-on-one.

Elias resurrected the spin-o-rama to score a beauty of a goal against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Devils’ 3-2 overtime win at home Friday.

Elias used the move to dodge Bolts defender Matt Carle, then lifted the puck on his backhand to beat Evgeni Nabokov over the shoulder.

The NHL banned the controversial spin-o-rama move from the shootout this season, but there’s no rule to stop Elias from using it in regulation play.

It was just his third goal of the year, but it was one to remember. And, to cap it off, Elias scored the only goal in the shootout to salt the win away for the Devils.

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That goal, too, was a backhander.

The Czech winger’s production has dropped off this year after an 18-goal, 53-point campaign last season that saw him appear in 65 games for the Devils.

This year he has just four goals and 13 points in 27 games.

His shooting percentage is also way down this season. His career average is 12.4 percent, but this year he’s scoring on just 8.1 percent of his shots.

But he scored in the shootout, and that’s a victory in itself for the Devils, who were the worst shootout team of all-time last season.