Paul Kariya’s Fan Shootout answers

At what age did the light bulb go off in your head that you had the skills to make the NHL?
Jay Freeman, Omaha, Neb.

“Probably 15 or 16 when I went from midget to junior.”

After being a Mighty Duck for so long, how has it been adjusting to your new team and new city?
Tony Thomassen, San Deigo, Calif.

“It’s been great. We have a great group of guys here. Everyone gets along really well on and off the ice and we have a lot of fun. We’ve had success, too, and that makes for a much easier transition. The city is terrific, and it’s a great place to live, and I’m really enjoying myself.”

With the new rules promoting scoring, do you think we’ll see any 100 goal or 100 assist seasons?
Tom Maxson, Tustin, Calif.

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“100 goals? I don’t think we’ll ever see a 100-goal season, but I can see a 100-assist season. Definitely I think 50 goals and 100 points are a lot more likely than we have seen in the past.”

I am 13 and playing AAA hockey. What is the best way to increase my speed and foot quickness?
Dean Klomp, Stratford, Ont.

“Eventually, when you get older, lifting weights and doing plyometrics helps with foot speed and power, but at 13 your still growing and I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do. Do foot speed drills and plyometrics, or even body-weight squats because anything you do to make your legs stronger will help your speed.”

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