Pavelski, Nabokov cheer on spelling bee contestant to hype Sharks’ season

The Sharks are showing their support for the fans who come to cheer them on in a new commercial spot featuring Joe Pavelski and Evgeni Nabokov.

The San Jose Sharks are promoting the upcoming season with a simple message: if the fans come to cheer them on, the Sharks will return the favor. According to their new commercial spot, that means the Sharks will go anywhere, too.

As part of their campaign to promote the 2016-17 Sharks’ season, San Jose has released a new commercial spot featuring captain Joe Pavelski and former goaltender-turned-development coach Evgeni Nabokov taking in a spelling bee in Santa Clara and getting a bit rowdy when young Margo correctly spells “semaphore.” Check it out:

“Use your phonics!”

Nabokov wearing full gear is great and Pavelski shows some acting chops with his cheers, but the unsung hero of the commercial is the spelling bee attendee directly to Pavelski’s left. As soon as Pavelski cheers for the first time, the guy looks like he’s a combination of scared and confused.

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Bringing a bit of humor to the table has become the Sharks’ thing when it comes to promoting the team, their season and generally entertaining hockey fans. For the past several seasons, the Sharks have usually released some sort of comedic commercial spot around the holidays.

One of their most recent efforts, 2014’s “Holiday Sweater”, remains one of the more ridiculous spots a team has pulled off, but there has also been the faux-music albums and Joe Thornton and his pal Slappy, which turned into an entire series of commercials with ‘Jumbo Joe’ showing off his, uh, talent for ventriloquism.

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