Peanut butter! Blackhawks coach Quenneville explains his expressions

The breakout star of Road to the Winter Classic may have been Joel Quenneville with his celebratory exclamation of “Peanut butter!” after Blackhawks goals. Blackhawks TV caught up with the Chicago bench boss to get the skinny on the meaning behind the coach’s catchphrases.

If you caught any of the Epix series Road to the Winter Classic, you almost undoubtedly heard Chicago coach Joel Quenneville shout “peanut butter!” following a Blackhawks tally.

And whether you found Quenneville’s exclamation silly, stupid, or simply curious, the question never answered by the Epix crew was why, exactly, the coach yells the catchphrase after his team scores. Over the weekend, the two-time Stanley Cup-winning coach explained the saying to Blackhawks TV:

Adding to the hilarity of trying to explain the “Q-isms” is Bryan Bickell’s attempt at deciphering his coach’s favorite phrase after a beautiful goal.

“Just a good shot, right in the top corner,” Bickell guesses. “Right in the peanut butter jar, I guess.”

The actual explanation, per Quenneville, is that it’s him pointing out a beautiful shot that goes in the top shelf because that’s where he keeps the peanut butter. It’s simple and almost too easy to decipher, but maybe that’s what makes it so good. The same can be said for calling passes “crispy,” but we’re not so sure about the Coffee Crisp reference.

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Of course, Quenneville also takes some time to explain why he calls Bickell “Picklehead.” And while his reasoning may be a bit off – it’s Bick’s pickles in Canada – the name still fits. At this rate, though, with the Blackhawks scheduled to take part in yet another outdoor game next season, we’re expecting Quenneville to release his own dictionary by the summer just so we can keep up.