Petr Mrazek’s new mask is an awesome mashup between Family Guy and RoboCop

Petr Mrazek has a new mask for the 2015-16 season which combines Peter Griffin with one of Detroit’s favorite heroes, RoboCop. The mask is designed to appear as if it’s made out of metal, another nod to the cyborg police officer.

Family Guy character Peter Griffin has long been a staple of Detroit Red Wings goaltender
Petr Mrazek’s masks, but in 2015-16, Mrazek has taken a new direction with the cartoon dad. We’ve seen Mrazek don a mask with Griffin
in Christmas garb, in
winter wear for an outdoor game and
as Superman. But heading into what should be Mrazek’s first full season in Detroit, the 23-year-old netminder has a new design for Griffin in 2015-16, one that has a perfect tie-in with Detroit. That’s right: It’s RoboGriffin, a mashup of the
Family Guy character and the titular RoboCop from the 1987 action movie, which was set in Detroit in 2029:

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Petr Mrazek mask body Designed by David Gunnarson of DaveArt, the mask is made to appear as though it’s made out of metal, just like RoboCop. On the left and right panels, RoboGriffin is hanging on to the Red Wings logo, with a switch set to ‘ON’ along the left panel. The switch sets off electricity, which can be seen coursing over the mask. One small detail which is a nice touch is the flag of the Czech Republic, which cascades out from behind the cage. Mrazek will don the mask this campaign as he looks to unseat
Jimmy Howard for the No. 1 job in Detroit.