Petr Prucha

Status: Phoenix Coyotes right winger (interview was done prior to trade from the Rangers).

HT: 6-ft-0  WT: 175 pounds

DOB: Sept. 14, 1982  In: Chrudim, Czech Republic

Hockey Inspirations:
“It used to be Pavel Bure, when he used to play he was amazing. I remember I saw his performance in the Olympic Games when he scored five goals. It was unbelievable what he did there, so, it was him.”

First Hockey Memory:
“I remember when I was playing on the rink where there was no roof. It was like my first experience where you go through pre-school hockey or something like that, I don’t know how you guys call it…No roof. It wasn’t even a building, it was only the rink (age 5).”

Hobbies/Leisure Activities
: “For sure I like playing other sports like tennis, soccer or whatever’s good for getting in shape during the summer. So, stuff like that. I like to travel.”

“Nothing special. Just ‘Pruchs.’ “

Favorite Movie
: “Old School.”

Last Book Read:

Favorite TV Show:

Musical Tastes:
“I like U2.”

First Job:
“Cleaning windshields of cars in a gas station.”

First Car
: “Skoda (red).”

Current Car:
“Mercedes (silver).”

Favorite Uniforms:

Pre-game Feeling:
“Just clearing my head totally. Don’t think about anything, just be focused.”

Favorite Meal:
“Dumplings with strawberries.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
“Vanilla with chocolate sauce.”

Greatest Sports Moment:
“That’s lots of things. I would start with winning the championship in Czech. Then winning the world championship (2005). And my first game for the New York Rangers (2005); my first NHL goal. Stuff like that.”

Most Painful Moment:
“Every time you lose it’s painful. So all losses I ever had (laughs).”

Closest Hockey Friend(s):
“My whole team.”

Funniest Player Encountered:
“‘Gomer’ (Scott Gomez).”

Toughest Competitors
: “‘Orrsie’ (Colton Orr).”

Funny Hockey Memory:
“I tell you, when I was back in the Czech Republic in the league I had a breakaway, well it wasn’t a breakaway, but I was waiting for a pass from behind. And I had turned back and the goalie came in front of me and laid down and I tried to jump over him and I couldn’t make it so he hit me in the legs and I made a whole flip. So it was pretty funny, because I wasn’t injured…If I would have got injured I wouldn’t laugh about it. It was awesome.”

Favorite Players To Watch:
“(Pavel) Datsyuk. I like Marian Hossa, too. (Nikolai) Zherdev, too, is pretty nice to watch on the ice. I like those guys who can handle the puck really well.”

Last Vacation:

Strangest Game:
“I remember, well, I didn’t play that game, but I remember that game we were up 5-0 and we lost in overtime (to Montreal). It was pretty hard to even watch it. It was a strange game because it never happened in my life. Other than that, when we lost the game in Buffalo in the playoffs. Last seconds, we were up 1-0 and they tied the game with seven seconds left and we lost in OT. Very painful.”

People Qualities Most Admired:
“Be fair to people. Be honest. Be funny. Don’t make a big deal about if somebody is making fun of you. Just be cool all the time.”

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