Philadelphia Flyers butcher Jingle Bells for your enjoyment in hilarious outtakes

The Philadelphia Flyers have some really great hockey players. They do not have a single good singer. Listen as the Flyers butcher a holiday classic.

Let’s just get this out of the way: Jakub Voracek is a terrible singer. Good at hockey, terrible singer. But, because of that, this video of the Flyers taking a hammer to holiday classic ‘Jingle Bells’ is so much better.

For the gift-giving season, the Flyers have put together some special packages for fans. And to make the hard sell, Philadelphia enlisted in some vocal magic from their roster. Take a listen:

You have to love the effort from Michael Del Zotto. The Flyers defenseman really gets into it. He realizes you really have to commit to the song and put your whole body behind it or something.

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If we’re going to talk about really putting some emotion and feeling into a song, how about Wayne Simmonds? Grit, toughness and some soft hands, Simmonds also gives you the feeling he may be a hit at holiday parties.

At the end of the day, it feels a bit wrong that ‘Jingle Bells’ got the T-Pain treatment and got auto-tuned – albeit horribly – in an attempt to fix the Flyers singing. Still, a wonderful early holiday treat, courtesy the City of Brotherly Love.