PK Subban’s Halloween costume is a Thriller

PK Subban went all out this Halloween, showing off his fun-loving side with a replication of a famous Michael Jackson outfit.

In a lot of ways, PK Subban could remind you of a young Michael Jackson: they’re both incredible at what they do, they’re both almost unanimously loved, and they have similar dance moves. All right, fine, we can’t be sure about that last part, but chances are the young Canadiens defenseman at least busted out a few of his finest MJ impressions at the Habs Halloween bash, where the young superstar donned his finest Thriller attire:

PK Subban Halloween That’s right, Subban hit the streets as disguised – almost perfectly, we might add – as Michael Jackson’s zombie-self from the 31-year-old music video for the megahit Thriller. From the jacket and pants all the way to snake-eye contacts, the comparison between the two outfits is uncanny. What makes Subban so universally loved is his willingness to go all out and have fun with everything. You can see it in his reactions on the ice, and, as he’s made quite clear, he’s not going to shy away from having a little fun come Halloween season. Now Canadiens fans just have to hope he doesn’t go too crazy on the candy.

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