Players should think twice about equipment priorities

Hockey players are funny when it comes to their equipment.

If it were to be suggested, for example, shin pads be made smaller with less protection, there would be an uproar, even though there are countless cases of player coming back from a broken leg, playing very well and living a normal life.

However, a visor can prevent an eye injury that, in just about all cases, ends a career and will also change someone’s life forever, as losing part of your vision is devastating.

More power to Bryan Berard for keeping his career going.

Suggesting to make neck guards mandatory gets the same old noise from players – it’s our choice, that type of injury is rare, etc. – yet, this piece of equipment, which is hardly intrusive, can prevent a death.

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Both Malarchuk and Zednik were very lucky they play in a league with doctors and paramedics on hand, but even in the case of something like a lacerated artery, which they both had, death is a very short time away. You can bleed out in minutes.

Yep, a hockey player’s mindset about equipment doesn’t make much sense to me.

Shawn Fulford, Torbay, Nfld.