Playoffs great, even if your team isn’t

I am a Leafs fan. Sadly, since the lockout, this has meant no playoff hockey.

Over the past couple years I have somewhat followed the playoffs, but without my Leafs, there has really been nothing to look forward to (besides rooting against the Sens).

The 2009 playoffs have changed this. For the first time in years I am entranced by the action on the ice. The hockey is exciting, the rivalries are addictive and the skill is finally back. I think everyone who loves hockey can now agree we have a product to be proud of. 

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For this year I will truly be disappointed when Stanley’s mug is raised, calling for the end of a fantastic playoffs and the beginning of the golf season – where you can be sure my Leafs will be much improved, under the fine tutelage of Ron Wilson.

Michael Burke, Mississauga, Ont.