Police say Voynov punched, kicked, choked wife; case will go to trial

Suspended Los Angeles Kings defenseman Slava Voynov appeared in court on Monday and police say he punched, kicked, and choked his wife. After hearing details from police, the judge ruled the case would go to trial.

During a preliminary hearing, a Rendondo Beach, Calif. police officer has testified that Slava Voynov’s wife told police the suspended Los Angeles Kings defenseman punched, kicked, and choked her.

The testimony stated that Voynov’s wife was left with a cut over her eye, red marks and scratches on her neck, and was also pushed to the ground repeatedly. Voynov has been charged with a felony count of corporal injury to spouse with great bodily injury.

Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times was in court, reporting the testimony as it happened.

(Warning: The reported information is graphic.)








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After a short break in relaying the testimony – Fenno said the judge, Judge Hector M. Guzman, had said he would remove those using electronic devices from court – Fenno reported that among comments attributed to Voynov’s wife included her saying she was both pushed and kicked.

Voynov has been suspended without pay since Oct. 20, but took part in a team practice on Dec. 2, which resulted in a $100,000 fine for the Kings. Monday was his first appearance in court.

Judge Guzman dismissed a motion by Voynov’s legal team to have the charge reduced to a misdemeanor and ruled there was sufficient evidence provided for the case to go to trial.

Voynov’s next court date is set for Dec. 29. If convicted, Voynov could face a maximum of nine years in prison.