Predators’ Weber, Josi go ‘undercover’ to interview fans about All-Star Game

Nashville Predators defensemen Shea Weber and Roman Josi went “undercover” and asked fans about the All-Star Game, favorite Predators players and if Josi could beat Weber in the hardest shot competition.

Nashville’s Shea Weber and Roman Josi are one of the best defensive pairings in the entire NHL. But when it comes to going undercover, Weber and Josi’s game could definitely use some work.

Using the names of assistant athletic trainers Jeff Biddle and DJ Amadio, the Predators took to the street to interview fans about their favorite Nashville players, the upcoming All-Star Game and if anyone believed that Josi could really — seriously — outdo Weber in the hardest shot competition:

There’s a ton of good moments in the video. Less than a minute in, one fan, laughing, says Josi is “absolutely not” his favorite player. That had to sting the Swiss defenseman a bit. The real show-stealers though are the four Jr. Predators players who stroll up to take part in the interviews.

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One of the young players calls Josi his favorite player, but another comes out of left field with Rick Nash. The look Weber gives Josi is priceless. The same kid says he plays both forward and defense, to which Weber responds with a shot at Josi’s puck-carrying style of play.

The four kids come back in the blooper reel, and there’s not much better than the moment the boy in the yellow shirt brushes off Weber’s secret identity and tells him who he really is. Within seconds, he’s blowing Josi’s cover, too.