Prospective Vegas team owner wants to name the team Black Knights, says Gretzky is involved

If the NHL puts a team in Las Vegas, the potential owner would like to see the team be named the Black Knights. As Vegas gets the green light to look into season ticket interest, news also emerged that Wayne Gretzky may be in the mix.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has given the go ahead for the potential Las Vegas team owner William Foley to measure season ticket interest in Nevada’s most famous city, and he’s coming fit with a team name.

“I love the name Black Knights, because I was a West Point guy, I went to Army,” Foley told Hockey Night in Canada’s Elliotte Friedman in a sit down interview about his prospective ownership.

But Foley doesn’t want people to think Black Knights has a negative connotation. The Black Knight, Foley added, is the good knight, which is why he’s on the side of having it become the potential team’s moniker. The billionaire NHL owner hopeful may get his wish, but only if the name Foley wants wins a team name contest.

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Foley also added that he feels like the potential for a team in Las Vegas has reached its highest point, and while there hasn’t been an expressed commitment from the league, his confidence level has, “increased pretty dramatically.”

It wasn’t the only news that came out of the sit down, though, as Foley dropped Wayne Gretzky’s name into the conversation, saying the game’s all-time leading scorer is an advisor in the efforts to get the team off the ground.