Proteau’s Blog: A novel idea

The big news around The Hockey News headquarters is, of course, the beginning of another NHL season. But a close second in importance, at least to senior writer Ken Campbell and myself, is the imminent release of our first book – also known as “the project that nearly turned me into Jack Nicholson in The Shining” last winter.

The book’s actual title – playing off The Hockey News’ upcoming 60th anniversary as a publication – is “The Top 60 Since 1967,” and is a celebration and ranking of the greatest NHLers since the expansion era.

To rate the players properly, Ken and I put together an esteemed panel of hockey experts, including Ducks GM Brian Burke, Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford, former Canadiens/Lightning coach Jacques Demers, former Red Wings GM Jim Devellano, and Hockey Night In Canada broadcaster Harry Neale, among others. Once the rankings were finalized, we compiled new profiles of the game’s greatest greats.

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I know I sound as if I should be on the Home Shopping Network when I say this, but there really is something in the book for hockey fans new and old. If you’re a hardcore fan who thinks you know everything there is to know about hockey legends, there are brand new interviews with the players that will add greatly to your appreciation of them; if you’re a casual fan, there are detailed summaries of each player’s career that will help turn you into a hardcore fan.

You can find out more about the book HERE. However, as a special treat for blog readers, I’m giving you the first authorized excerpt today.

Well, really it’s only the cover I can show you. But it’s a hell of a coverÂ…