Proteau’s Blog: A rocky night for the Leafs

Notes from last night’s Colorado-Toronto game:

– If Colorado qualifies for a playoff spot this season – and regular readers know how I feel about that (think Bob Hope’s brother) – it will be because of foot soldiers such as center Ian Laperriere and defenseman Brett Clark, not because Joe Sakic “carried” them to it. Neither Laperriere nor Clark gets much press, but they’re exactly the kind of depth guys you need to succeed these days.

– The unsportsmanlike call on Marek Svatos late in the third period was among the most bizarre I’ve ever seen. Two minutes in the box simply for avoiding getting drilled into the boards by Hal “Gigantisaurus” Gill? If I’m Joel Quenneville, I’m placing a call to Colin Campbell this morning.

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– I’m sure the cop who performed the national anthems at Air Canada Centre is a wonderful young woman and a credit to her profession. But her singing skills? Let’s just say I had no idea Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment supported police brutality.

– The Killers sound very much like The Cars. Funny thing is, I still like The Cars, but I’d rather fill my ears with concrete than hear one more note from The Killers.