Proteau’s Blog: Better left unsaid

• This Shane Doan “controversy” is the worst kind of media-created non-story the hockey world has seen in some time. (What’s next – are they going to mandate who plays on the power play and who passes to whom?)

Forget that none of the politicians involved have proof Doan uttered any anti-French-Canadian slur. And forget that the NHL conducted its own investigation, which ended without any punishment for the Coyotes captain.

The real outrage here concerns oily politicians willing to resuscitate a dead issue strictly to make Brownie points with their constituents. It’s abominable and is enough to make a guy ashamed to encourage people to participate in the democratic process.

• I’ve been saying it for most of the year – and after Wednesday’s Senators-Devils game, it bears repeating:

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When Martin Brodeur is on his game, he’s still capable of performing like the shoo-in Hall-of-Famer he is. But when he’s been off this season – as he was in Game 4 – he’s been really off.

And when he’s been really off, the Devils have virtually no chance of winning.

• Brodeur, one of the league’s nicest guys and best quotes, dipped into the cliché bag after losing Wednesday.

“We don’t have anything to lose right now,” he said.

Um, Martin? You have one more game to lose. Then you have nothing to lose.