Proteau’s Blog: Brawlin’ ‘n’ floppin’

• I was at the Devils-Maple Leafs game last night and, as you might imagine, I was completely “captivated” by the Wade Belak-Cam Janssen showdown. Yawn.

The best recap of the night came from my press box neighbor David Shoalts of the Globe And Mail:

“The 19,518 fans at the Air Canada Centre rose as one to revel in the (fight). This was the moment the mouth breathers were waiting for. It was redneck heaven, as good as macaroni and cheese and a cold Lakeport with the rasslers on the tube. It’s a wonder even the sushi eaters in the platinum seats did not break into a chant of “Git ‘er done.”

Couldn’t have said it better.

• Another of Dominik Hasek’s patented flop jobs cost Detroit the game in Tuesday’s 2-1 loss to Calgary.

On the play that led to the deciding goal, the Wings goalie was nudged by Jarome Iginla and dropped to the ice like he’d been shot. Hasek never got back on his feet and Kristian Huselius eventually potted the winner.

To his credit, Detroit coach Mike Babcock didn’t deny what everyone but Hasek knew was true.

“Our goalie tried to draw the penalty and he dove and they shot it in the net,” Babcock said. “The bottom line is embellishment is something that happens in our games, probably too much, and when you try and draw a penalty and they shoot it in our net, it’s a tough one.”

If the Wings lose out on the President’s Trophy and home ice advantage throughout the playoffs, they’ll know exactly where they fell short. And who caused them to fall in the first place.

• Forgot to include this news from last week, but the Anaheim Ducks have signed prospect Bobby Bolt to an entry-level contract.

Why a guy named Bobby Bolt isn’t forced by the league to play for the Tampa Bay Lightning is beyond me. Talk about your potential marketing bonanzas!

As for the comments on Dom, all I can say is… Oh really? Somehow I doubt the Wings would have done as well as they have this year without the Dominator between the pipes, so let’s not be overly dramatic here. I only wish you’d pay as much attention to all goalie flops as you did to Dom’s. The way it is written now, one might be led to believe that Hasek invented the art of diving/embellishing by NHL goalies.
– Barbara S.

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I was really looking forward to this little revenge game but I have to say, it was probably the most boring game I have seen all year. The Devils seemed to forget that you can’t win if you don’t play SOME offense. And the Leafs pretty much had a Rabbit Foot up their collective butt’s with The Dev’s scorers hitting the post THREE times. (Not to mention The Leaf’s post shot.) I am not for changing the size of the goals in the NHL but maybe the shape of the bars could be altered a little to allow more shots to deflect IN to the net instead of out of them. After all, if it hits the post, it beat the goalie!
– Mike

I’m a die hard Wings fan yet I agree with you 100%. Dum Dum as I like to call Dom did cost the Wings that game. I personally don’t think he is as great as the Wings management does, they way they have coddled him this year.
– Debbie Turnbull

I think if the Wings do lose out on the President’s Trophy, it is a much bigger problem than Dom’s 1 flop. I think losses that we’ve had to Nashville, Vancouver and more are the cause. Not 1 flop. Your assertion is much more exaggerated than Dom’s flop. And when we get to the Playoffs, even with his mortal flaws, there’s nobody I would rather have on net than the Dominator!
– Jay Richards

Bah. Typical Proteau spiel about how violence only leads to more violence, and more senseless injuries. Maybe if the league got rid of the instigator rule, there wouldn’t be so many spineless clowns boarding and unleashing BC two-handers with the intent to injure. Fighting has rarely led to serious injury, but the threat of a severe beating is definitely a convincing deterrant to dirty play.
– Ryan