Proteau’s Blog: Dreams and nightmares

• File it under Things You’ll Never See Again: Brian Rolston’s penalty-shot, short-handed, slapshot goal against the Canucks (click HERE to take a look). Even weirder – coach Jacques Lemaire says he woke up in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago, dreaming about Rolston doing just such a thing. Any lottery suggestions from here on in would be much appreciated, Jacquestradamus.

• Did you catch Peter Forsberg’s meltdown against the Lightning last night? Sure, the Flyers captain is frustrated now, but just wait until it’s the middle of January and Philadelphia is 25 points out of a playoff spot. The man’s head might explode.

• When Phil Kessel was a young boy dreaming of playing in the NHL, I’ll bet he didn’t envision himself centering Wayne Primeau and Shean Donovan. But that’s where he was last night, as the Bruins completely collapsed and turned a 4-1 third period lead into a 5-4 overtime loss to Buffalo. It’s gonna be another long year in Beantown.

• Nice to see Joel Kwiatkowski get his moment in the hockey spotlight against Toronto yesterday. The unheralded, affable blueliner, whose breakaway goal against the Leafs was the game-winner for Florida, has had to fight for an NHL job every step of his career. You like to see those type of players get some small reward for it every now and again.

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• Could it be true? Could the Islanders be for real? I’m not quite convinced. Granted, they beat New Jersey last night, but their other wins this year have come against Florida, Chicago (after their lineup was ravaged by injuries), Carolina, Boston, and Anaheim. Other than the Ducks, not exactly a murderer’s row of opponents.

• Tampa Bay’s Jay Feaster doesn’t sound like a GM who is pleased with the direction in which his team is headed.

“If we don’t get things going the way we want them to, then there will have to be changes,” Feaster told the Tampa Tribune. “It’s because ofÂ…our position under the salary capÂ…it’s going to mean salary going out. And it isn’t the guy making $500,000 or the guy making $450,000, that doesn’t give us enough leeway to do things, either.”

If I were Vinny Lecavalier, Brad Richards or Martin St. Louis today, I’d be a little more nervous than I was yesterday.