Proteau’s Blog: Hit ’em where it hurts

• A 25 game suspension for Chris Simon is not a bad start. But let’s face it – if the NHL genuinely wishes to eradicate egregious violence once and for all, there has to be heavy fines added to suspensions and those fines must be levied on team owners and management who employ knuckleheaded players.

As was proven by the lockout, money is the only language owners truly understand. Ergo, hitting them in their pocketbook is the only way in which to forcefully get the point across.

• NHLPA boss Ted Saskin and senior executive Ken Kim were given the heave-ho by the executive committee Sunday night in a smart first move that may finally lead to an NHLPA open and accountable to the players it claims to represent.

There likely will be a handful of player agents angling to replace Saskin, but if I were an NHLer, I think I’d want a complete outsider as the next union head. Given the PA’s history, hiring somebody with no political allegiances or familiarities as to how things “have always been done” is as important to moving the players forward as any other character trait or spiffy resume.

I’m sure Jeff Marek and I will be talking union business (as well as Simon’s suspension) a whole lot more when I co-host Leafs Lunch with him today from 12:00-2 p.m. Toronto time.

• Think it’s safe to say the Oilers are in full white-flag-waving mode? They’ve lost seven straight games and scored just five goals in that span. Craig MacTavish should be extremely thankful he signed that four-year contract extension with Edmonton at the end of last season.

Chris Simons career should be over that kind of use of the stick has no place in the game by anyone now it gives the game another black eye. He could have taken his number and and lined him up at somepoint in the game or simple dropped the gloves which I’m all for but to be a coward and swing your stick like a base ball bat into the face of someone. Unless the the league really gets serious and start kicking these guys out of the league for stickwork like this someone is going to get killed
– Leeroy Henry

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The Chris Simon incident is finished and closed. Whether you agree or not with the final decision, doesn’t matter now. The solution in this case is about right. let’s just hope that serious hits to the head, stick swinging, and late hits are dealt with just as severly in the future. Better yet the players have to show respect for each other.
– Fred B.

The escalating incidents over the past few weeks (starting with Drury, followed by Kaberle, and ending with Hollweg) just goes to show how the NHL really needs to buckle down on this sort of renegade violence and reign it in. Right now the NHL and its fans should be focussed on the excitement surrounding the playoff race, not how long a player should or should not be suspended. Regardless of whether or not you think this sort of violence should be apart of the game, I don’t think anyone wants the press to be focusing on disciplinary issues in the league rather than the battle over eastern conference playoff spots. You’re dead on about what the league should be doing Adam.
– Will B.

what chris simon did was wrong but if he wasn’t hit from behind this incident would not have happened.Hollweg deserves a punishment, simon has a concusion and hollweg barely missed a shift .
– bailey

Frankly, the NHL needs more violence — a lot more. Players in the 70s fought on the ice and off. It was part of the culture and helped fuel expansion. Was the anything more thrilling than seeing the Bruins pile into the stands at MSG and pummel the fans?
– smakki