Proteau’s Blog: Let me in!

• Have to agree with expatriate Canadian and hockey scribe Scott Burnside, who wondered what the Coyotes were thinking interviewing former Penguins boss Craig Patrick for the team’s vacant GM job.

I’m more surprised recently-canned Blue Jackets honcho Doug MacLean is on Phoenix’s list of candidates. And if either one of those two guys winds up getting the gig over ex-Rangers and Islanders GM Neil Smith, something is seriously wrong in the desert.

• New Jersey Devils Supreme Leader (yes, I’m calling him that until he allows a head coach to complete an entire season) Lou Lamoriello gave us another brief glimpse into his top-secret world Tuesday, as the Devils prepared to vacate the Meadowlands for what likely will be the last time.

“That’s what breaks up businesses – brothers and sisters allow the outside world in,” Lamoriello told the New York Post.

The Supreme Leader would be absolutely right – if he were running a private business. Running a modern-day professional sports team, on the other hand, requires that the outside world be allowed in. In fact, marketing professionals have a specific term for it: ‘selling tickets’.

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I’m looking forward to seeing the Devils’ attendance when they move into their new arena next season. I’d love nothing more than to be proven wrong, but something tells me the locals will be as reluctant to show up as Lamoriello is to letting them in.

• Quote of the day comes ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption, where co-host Tony Kornheiser talked about a baseball promotion that awards two free Brewers tickets to any man willing to undergo a prostate exam outside Miller Park in Milwaukee:

“I’ve had prostate exams,” Kornheiser said, “and I’m not walking into a parking lot to get one.”

I’ve never had a prostate exam, but I see the man’s point.