Proteau’s Blog: Misplaced anger

• Mario Lemieux has every right to be angry that his Pittsburgh Penguins are no closer to being sold today than they were a couple months ago. But Jim Balsillie shouldn’t be the focus of that anger – it should be the league, which attempted to alter the rules of sale far too late in the process.

Players say it all the time: “Hockey is a business.” In this case, there was a business dispute. It’s nothing personal, Mario, and you – the player who was reimbursed with equity in the team when the Pens were broke – ought to know that as well as anyone.

• As of this morning, the Calgary Flames are in line to qualify for a playoff berth. But if their horrendous road record (four wins and 12 losses, including a 4-1 loss to the Ducks Monday night in Anaheim) continues much longer, they’ll find themselves on the outside looking in.

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• Another veteran NHLer (Sandis Ozolinsh) was placed on the waiver wire Monday, effectively ending his days in the big show. This is how careers end now – not with a proud press release at the end of someone’s final season, but with newswire humiliations and bottom-line beancounting. Some aspects of the new league leave much to be desired.

• Was watching that new Identity game show last night, when I recognized not one of the contestants, but one of the friends a contestant is allowed to bring onto the show with them as counsel.

The guy I recognized is an old friend from high school, who went on to play a fairly substantial role on Canadian cult hit Degrassi High and has since had minor parts on The Shield, Las Vegas and Alias. Man, even the regular people on game shows aren’t regular people anymore.