Proteau’s Blog: N.J. nap time

Thoughts from the weekend:

• I know I’m supposed to value Lou Lamoriello’s first-rate resume above all else, but the more I watch his Devils play the game, the less I want to. Ponderous hockey from young men without either (a) facial hair or (b) something interesting to say isn’t my idea of a hot night in the city. No wonder thousands are steering clear of Continental Airlines Arena – there’s less potential for entertainment inside it than Kenny G’s ribcage.

• At the other end of the enjoyment spectrum was a thrilling 5-4 Hurricanes win over the Dallas Stars Saturday. If you missed Ray Whitney’s spectacular individual effort on Carolina’s second goal of the first period, be sure to check the weekly highlight reels. He’ll definitely be on them.

• Caught some footage of assorted maniacs bum-rushing box stores for the privilege of paying $700 for a video game system last week. What a wonderful world we live in. Makes a sonless s.o.b. like me want to stay that way.

• With four games in the next six days, the Blue Jackets have an abundance of opportunities to show their potential coach what fun it will be cleaning up their mess.

After watching Columbus drop their fifth straight game Saturday night, I think GM Doug MacLean should be lobbying the league to let him throw lit firecrackers at the skates of Nikolai Zherdev, or whichever impostor is wearing No. 13 for the Jackets these days.

• So much for the resurgent Philadelphia Flyers. The Sharks put the boots to them in their 6-1 win Saturday and didn’t lose their sense of humor in the process. At least, Kyle McLaren hasn’t.

“They are a good team over there,” the San Jose blueliner said. With a straight face.

• Did you see Wayne Gretzky go off at the mouth behind during Phoenix’s 5-3 loss to the Kings? I’m no professional lip reader, but I think he owes the swear jar a little somethin’ extra this time.

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• Speaking of the Coyotes: let’s not for a while. It’s too depressing.

What is it with you guys and the Devils? If they had Jesus Christ wearing the “C” you’d still find nothing but negative things to say. Sheesh.
– Jean Johnson

Everyone picks on the Blue Jackets’ Zherdev. How about pinning some of the blame on Foote’s minus-11, Fedorov’s seven points for his $6 million contract, Leclaire’s .885 save percentage, etc. etc. At least Zherdev is occasionally entertaining.
– Tim Richey

The Flyers keep saying to the press “we can build on this” whether it is a win, or just holding their own and losing. It’s old already. What I want to know from you -Mr. Blognoxious – is what you think needs to be changed for this team to compete in its division, let alone the league. I watch them and just can’t seem to put my finger on what is out of whack. Although, maybe the reason for this is that just too much in the Flyers organization needs fixing. Just hoping for some insight and analysis in addition to your normal great observations. – Moose Factory Maniac

You are right…It’s much more exciting when other teams play the trapÂ…You know, the way Toronto iced the puck six times in first five minutesÂ…Wow, that got my blood rushing. How about the way Toronto played that amazing 1-2-2Â…what do you call it again…not the trap…oh yeah, good positional hockey. Give me a break and get off the Devils back. Playing without their No. 1 center and still winning hockey games.
– Josh