Proteau’s Blog: Pardon the interruption

• It looks like my predictions for Thursday’s meaningful NHL games were a little off. I correctly had the Rangers and Avalanche as regulation-time winners over Montreal and Vancouver, but crapped out spectacularly on my Leafs and Flames picks.

Expect a similar pattern every time I do this for the rest of my life.

• Nice to know every story has its happy ending. In this instance, according to the Calgary Herald, Alan “Benedict Arnold” Eagleson appears to have been pardoned by the Canadian government for his crimes against NHLers.

See, kids? You too can commit all sorts of fraud against players who’ve entrusted their financial existences to you, serve a superficial jail term, then make it all go away a few years later. Ain’t the justice system grand?

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• Hallelujah – the Predators are mothballing those horrendous mustard-color third jerseys as of next season.

Even the Boston Bruins’ Pooh-Bear third jerseys weren’t as awful as Nashville’s. Now we just need uniform redesigns for the Panthers, Avs, Thrashers and Blue Jackets and we’ll be all set.

• Only In The NHL, Pt. 3,072: Squeegee-Gate . I won’t even get into comments such as “The tip of my squeegee kind of hit the tip of his stick,” as the temptation for double-entendres is simply too hard to resist.

• Starting today and running through next Wednesday, The Hockey is proud to feature 2007 Women’s World Championship diaries from Team Canada’s Jennifer Botterill and Team USA’s Julie Chu.