Proteau’s Blog: Rachunek robbed?

• Should Rangers blueliner Karel Rachunek’s disallowed goal in New York’s 2-1 marathon overtime win over Buffalo been counted as a goal? Absolutely.

However, does this qualify as the latest in a never-ending line of officiating “controversies”? Absolutely not.

It’s like arguing with a cop over a speeding ticket, or deciding which person in a failed relationship was to blame for the relationship failing: none of the parties involved ever will see it the same way. Best to simply move on and forget it happened.

• Speaking of that non-goal, here’s what the New York Post’s Rangers blog had to say about it:

“Seriously, if the (l)eague and the refs don’t have it out for the Rangers, I can’t explain why so little seems to go their way.”

This is getting mighty confusing. After the first round, I thought the league and the refs had it out for the Islanders! Would someone please set this league and their refs straight on who they’re supposed to have it out for?

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• The Rangers, Devils, Red Wings and Canucks all showed they’ve got some fight in them over the weekend, preventing the Sabres, Senators, Sharks and Ducks from taking commanding leads in their respective second-round series. But I saw enough from the latter four teams to continue believing the former four teams remain in a sizeable amount of trouble.

• I don’t agree with everything Hockey Night In Canada analyst Kelly Hrudey has to say, but I couldn’t agree more with the former goalie when he told the Toronto Star:

“I know Colin Campbell does a wonderful job … but I would suspend people in a really harsh manner.”

So would I, Kelly, so would I. I’d make David Stern look like Bud Selig.