Proteau’s Blog: The Saskin shuffle

• The bad news just keeps on comin’ for Ted Saskin and the NHL Players’ Association. I wrote about new developments Monday at the Globe and Mail’s hockey blog, but today brings even more accusations against the executive director.

Given the growing mountain of charges against Saskin, it would behoove him to step aside until his name is cleared. But I wouldn’t hold out much hope for that, as he’s been mis-behoovin’ for some time now.

• Monday was a record-setting feedback day for this blog, with opinions on both sides of the Tomas Kaberle/Cam Janssen ordeal. Thanks to all who took a moment to write/rip me. I think I’ve said all I have to say on the topic – at least, until the next time an NHLer takes liberties with another NHLer’s melon – with one small exception:

To those who wrote wondering where I was when Tie Domi was knocking off Scott Niedermayer’s head in the playoffs – well, I wasn’t in the writing business. And if you’ve read any of the stuff I’ve done since then, you’d know I’m the least likely guy to be elected Grand Pooh-Bah of the Domi fan club.

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But what Domi did doesn’t excuse Janssen’s actions. And that line of thinking – i.e. “you got my guy umpteen years ago, therefore I have full license to pummel your guy whenever I choose” – is the reason the NHL has the problems with violence it does today. The circle of hate has to stop sometime, and it will when the league decides to set an effective precedent through supplemental discipline.

Then only good about the NHL, is you! Keep up the good work. You are more qualified then Gary Bettman and Colin Cambell. I just can’t stand these two people. I don’t watch NHL games because of these two!
– Jack Maniapik