Put Mahovlich and Leach in the Hall

Craig Fontaine, Sagkeeng First Nation, Man.

I think it’s about time the Hockey Hall of Fame recognizes two individuals who have accomplished and contributed to NHL standards worthy of recognition: The great Pete Mahovlich and Reggie Leach.

Mahovlich and Leach certainly have demonstrated in their playing careers that they should be considered serious candidates for inclusion in this most prestigious membership.

Mahovlich has four Stanley Cups and played on Team Canada ‘72 and ‘76. For all the great players Montreal has had, Mahovlich holds the team record for most assists in one season.

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Leach, on the other hand, still has the record for most goals in the NHL playoffs. If you factor the number of great players who have played since – Gretzky, Lemieux, Hull – that is an amazing accomplishment.

Leach also has one Stanley Cup, a Conn Smythe Trophy and is an alumnus of one of the greatest teams assembled: Canada Cup 1976.

Can the Hall of Fame still be considered legitimate without these two great players as members?