Quenneville should be fired for his actions in Game 4

I grew up watching the Blackhawks as an Original Six team NHL in the mid ’40s and I have never seen a worse performance as in the fourth game pf the last series against the Red Wings. 

If I were GM Dale Tallon I would have fired the Joel Quenneville on the spot.

He showed his team how to act and they followed his lead perfectly.  The result was a Detroit blowout victory in the crucial game in the series that eventually led to the Blackhawks elimination. 

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He demonstrated his total unfitness to coach a professional hockey team and should be put out to pasture permanently. 

This young Blackhawks team needed leadership and guidance and they failed to get it when they needed it most. 

Goodbye, Quenneville, and good riddance. 

Roger Pazul, Sun Lakes, AZ