Raffi Torres’ Fan Shootout answers

If you could improve one part of your game, what would it be?
– Taylor E. Quill Lake, Sask.

My defensive game…Playing defensive hockey is a big part of the game and I’d like to be known as a well-rounded player.

What do you do to break out of a scoring slump?
– Jessica Frilak, Morinville, Alta.

I try and simplify my game and not get too tied up in thinking about how to change things. Playing my game and being prepared every night will help me break out of any slump I may be in.

Who is the hardest goaltender to play against in the NHL and why?
– Jordan Dobrohoczki, Middle Lake, Sask.

Martin Brodeur…He’s so big and covers so much net, it’s hard to find an open hole. His career speaks for itself.

Everyone is talking about the difference in play between the Eastern and Western Conferences. Having played for teams in both, have you seen a difference, and if so, how?
– Pat Abrami, Brooklyn N.Y.

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I would say the Western Conference is much faster and definitely more physical, which suits me just fine. I like to crash and bang and get right on the middle of things.

There are a lot of post-game reports about the Oilers on radio and TV. Do you ever listen to them, and do they influence you?
– Jessica Frilak, Edmonton

I generally don’t read the newspapers or watch sports reports on television.

How can I ask a coach for more ice time?
– Bensen Gilbert, Sudbury, Ont.

Don’t ask, just prove it to them by the way you play. Give a hard, honest effort every game and things should take care of themselves.

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