Ranking the new Kings High School League’s jerseys

The Los Angeles Kings officially announced a high school hockey league that will kick off in 2015-16. As part of the announcement, the jerseys for the eight competing teams were released and there are a few color schemes we’d like to see adopted if or when expansion happens.

The Los Angeles Kings officially unveiled the eight teams that will take part in the inaugural season of the
L.A. Kings High School Hockey League. And, as always, with new clubs comes new threads. While all the jerseys follow a similar style, which closely reflects that of the Kings’ jerseys, the color schemes and logos make all the difference in separating the threads that shine and those that could use some improvement. But for a first pass and for an inaugural season, none of the jerseys stick out as an altogether eyesore, which is already a victory for the LAKHSHL. (That initialism needs some work.) Here are the jerseys, and their rankings, for the 2015-16 season:

8. Santa Clarita HC
Santa Clarita HS The wordmark for the club looks as if it was put together in a hurry, because there’s not much to it. Whether it be the short end of the stick that landed them with the baby blue, black and white color scheme or a choice by the club, the scheme was done to perfection by the AHL’s Milwaukee Admirals and without a fitting logo, it just falls flat.
7. East County Outlaws
East County HS Any introductory art class will teach you that orange and blue, together, are complimentary colors. That said, the shade of blue that is matched with orange on the Outlaws’ jerseys doesn’t quite work. There’s a bit of a clash, and the blue seems to be the exact same as that used by Santa Clarita. The logo is what saves the jersey.
6. San Gabriel Valley HC
San Gabriel HS There’s a gap between six and seven, which is to say that San Gabriel’s jerseys actually aren’t all that bad. The problem is that the dark jersey looks a bit dull, which doesn’t do the logo justice. The white jersey is far better than the black one and San Gabriel slips to six because the black, white and red color scheme is done better by another club in the league.
5. Greater Santa Barbara Royals
Santa Barbara HS The blue jersey isn’t great, but the white jersey is clean, crisp and looks like the AHL’s Rochester Americans could use it were the wordmark to be changed. The tail on the ‘Y’ in Royals is stylized in a different way, but different doesn’t always mean bad. The one thing both jerseys could use, though, would be a red collar. That might have made them pop even more.
4. El Segundo Strikers
El Segundo HS The red used on the Strikers’ jerseys reminds us more of the Washington Capitals than anything. The style of the jersey, with the white elbows and black piping, works. It’s the better of the two black, white and red jerseys, mostly because it uses the red to really distinguish itself from the San Gabriel threads.
3. Kern County Knights
Kern County HS Yellow jerseys can be divisive: you’ll find those who love Nashville’s yellow threads and those who despise it. But yellow, black and white look really nice together, and a big, bold crest on the jersey completes the look. The Knights’ uniforms look a bit like some the OHL’s Sarnia Sting have worn in the past and that’s not a bad thing.
2. South County Aviators
South County HS The logo is the only thing holding back the Aviators’ jerseys from taking top spot. There’s just too much going on, which is a shame because the obviously-Seattle-Thunderbirds-inspired color scheme is beautiful. There needs to be more daring color combinations in the NHL, and South County utilizes one that hasn’t been found in the big league since the Hartford Whalers moved to Carolina.
1. West Ranch High School
West Ranch HS Blue and gold simply works, especially when it’s the deep navy and subdued gold that West Ranch is employing on their uniforms. The logo is perfectly complimented on both the blue and white jerseys, with the gold making the claw pop on the dark jersey and the ‘WR’ sticking out thanks to the navy on white. When expansion comes to the NHL, those in charge of jersey design should take note.
(All images courtesy L.A. Kings)