Ray Emery

Status: Philadelphia Flyers goaltender

HT: 6-foot-2 WT: 196 pounds
DOB: Sept. 28, 1982 In: Cayuga, Ont.
First Hockey Memory:
“I went to a skating school company that my dad (Paul) works for. Put the skates on, couldn’t skate, falling all over the place. I was like five or six, I remember being frustrated.”
Hockey Inspirations:
“(Hockey) was always kind of a fun thing for me, I didn’t take too much stock in it. It was kind of an entertaining thing. There were definitely people who were important in the game – Grant Fuhr is someone for me that I can kind of identify with. But, yeah, I was a fan, liked the Leafs. They kind of sucked, but it was all good.
Hobbies/Leisure Activities:
“Golf, fishing and I got some snowmobiles.”
“Sugar Ray, Razor, Ems.”
Favorite Movie:
Musical Tastes:
“Who do I like right now? Jay-Z, Kid Cudi.”
Favorite TV Show:
First Job:
“Delivering pizza. (For who, Dominos?) Godfathers.”
First Car:
“1988 Chevy Corsica.”
Current Car:
“Hummer and a Lambo. (Color?) Both white.”

Favorite Uniforms
: “Actually, I like the orange here.”
Greatest Sports Moment
: “Probably getting drafted to the NHL was pretty exciting.”
Most Painful Moment:
“Losing the Cup final.”
Pre-game Feeling:
“I run through a list of things I want to make sure I do – position type, patience. I’m just kind of nervous. All those.”
Closest Hockey Friends:
“Jason Spezza, Brian McGrattan.”
Funniest Players Encountered:
“Brian McGrattan, Greg Watson.”
Toughest Competitors:
“Toughest…Dennis Bonvie, Brian McGrattan.
Strangest Game:
“A hurricane came through and the game got canceled in Florida one time.”
Last Vacation:
“This summer I was in Mexico and Vegas. Just kind of popped around.”
Favorite Sports To Watch Outside Hockey:
“I probably watch golf before MMA and boxing on TV.”

Personality Qualities Most Admired:
“Honesty. Yeah. That’s about it.”

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