Re-order divisions with time zones in mind

Everybody who follows the NHL knows the Northwest Division is by far the hardest to play in with regards to travel.

It’s the only division where the teams have to play in three different time zones.

I have a suggestion that might ease the travel demands. Move Vancouver into the Pacific Division with Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Phoenix. There, Vancouver would be playing most of their games in the Pacific time zone, with the exception of Phoenix, who is in the Mountain time zone.

Then, move the Dallas Stars to the Northwest Division with Calgary, Colorado, Edmonton and Minnesota. I know it sounds silly, but the Stars play in the Central time zone along with the Minnesota Wild. That leaves Calgary, Colorado and Edmonton who play in the Mountain time zone.

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This way it would be easier on the teams with regards to travel and one less time zone to worry about.

I would like to see this happen because I think the teams in the Northwest Division would be more rested and refreshed come playoff time. I hope the league considers at least looking at this anyway.

Wayne Woodhouse, Meaford, Ont.