Recognition the Habs deserve

Finally, a glowing article about the Montreal Canadiens!

It seems like it was the 1990s since someone had anything good to say and as they are fighting for first place overall with 20 games to go, it’s deserved.

As I read about how the Habs use their farm system to develop players instead of relying on free agents, I couldn’t help but think about the Baltimore Orioles baseball team.

The Orioles have a training system, warmly referred to as “The Oriole Way,” that brought along some great major leaguers, Cal Ripken Jr. to name one.

The Oriole Way is more of a way of life, a philosophy, than just how to train.

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When a team has a strong minor league system in place, the players come up to the big game mentally prepared and possessing strong fundamentals. It’s the emphasis on the basics that are instilled in the minors that make for a better NHLer.

So congrats on a great article by THN, nicely done to the Habs on their fine draft picks that are panning out, but most of all, my hat’s off to the Hamilton Bulldogs for knowing what to do with talent when they’re presented with it.

The proof is climbing towards first place in the Eastern Conference.

John Beaton, New Waterford, Cape Breton, N.S.