Red Wings’ Mrazek, Howard don incredible Christmas masks to support charity

In support of a local charity, Red Wings goaltenders Jimmy Howard and Petr Mrazek have donned special Christmas-themed masks that are currently up for auction. Howard’s Santa mask is no match for Mrazek’s evil snowman.

Days after unveiling special masks for the holiday season, Detroit Red Wings goaltenders
Jimmy Howard and
Petr Mrazek are set to auction them off for charity. Fans of the Red Wings, or fans who simply want the chance to take home either mask, can start bidding on them now as
they’re live on the NHL Auctions website. All proceeds will go to benefit Volunteers of America Michigan’s Adopt-A-Family program, and will go towards purchasing big-ticket items for the families, such as a washer and dryer for one family who lost their appliances due to flooding in August. Both goaltenders donned the masks for the Red Wings’ Dec. 16 game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, and will continue to wear them throughout Detroit’s current homestand. The final appearance for the masks will be on Dec. 23 when the Red Wings host the Sabres. You can see both below.

Howard, who played in the Dec. 16 game, has a style of mask similar to the kind John Vanbiesbrouck made popular. The Christmas-themed mask makes Howard look a little like jolly old St. Nick. With big red cheeks and the signature white beard, Howard’s Santa Claus look is equal parts heartwarming and hilarious.
Howard As for Mrazek, his mask took a slightly different approach, featuring an evil snowman. The back panel is adorned with the image of Peter Griffin, the main character from the Fox cartoon
Family Guy, dressed up as Santa Claus.
Mrazek “It’s Christmastime and fans are going to enjoy it,” Mrazek said in a
release from the Red Wings official site. “I’m happy that they made a mask for me and Howie for Christmas.” Mrazek went on to say he’s happy the masks will help contribute to a good cause. The auction for both masks will end at noon EST on Jan. 2.

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