Red Wings’ Sheahan surprises cancer patient who invited him to prom

Detroit Red Wings center Riley Sheahan was invited to accompany a 22-year-old fan fighting an inoperable brain tumor to a local prom, and he surprised her by showing up to the evening unannounced.

Detroit Red Wings center Riley Sheahan said he was almost more nervous than before a playoff game and all he was about to do was meet one of his biggest fans for a night of dancing.

During the late stages of the season, Sheahan, 24, received a letter from Morgan Behen to be her date to a prom that had been organized by Wish Upon A Teen, a group which helps young people dealing with life-threatening illnesses. Behen, 22, is fighting a brain tumor, which doctors have told her is inoperable. Sheahan accepted Behen’s invite but didn’t tell her that he would be at the event.

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As the event approached this past Saturday, Sheahan still hadn’t informed Behen he would be at the prom. Instead, he waited until the day of and surprised her by showing up to be Behen’s date and dance partner for the evening. Brad Galli of ABC’s WXYZ Detroit was at the event: