Regehr should be suspended

What message is the NHL trying to send to players across the league by not suspending Robyn Regehr for his hit on Ales Hemsky?

Regehr cross-checked Hemsky not only from behind, but in the back of the neck, throwing him viciously into the boards head first. 

I’ll admit that they were both fighting for position in the corner, but there is no excuse for such a dangerous act from Regehr.  Hemsky is one of the toughest and most skilled NHL stars who, unlike most players with his level of skill and finesse, is not afraid to go into the corners and fight for loose pucks.

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Fortunately, he was able to bounce back from the hit, which is probably why there has been no suspension.

Do players need to be carted off the ice on a stretcher to get the league’s attention?

Alicia Adair, Edmonton, Alta.