Removing offsides the answer

There have been so many suggestions to make our game better, but here is a simple one i have not heard yet: Take out the offsides.

Think about it, there would be no more traps and it would turn into a more skill game.

Example 1: You get the puck behind your net and two of your forwards go deep into the other team’s end while two others float around center ice. What will the defense have to do? Two of their guys will need to go deep and two will be around your guys at centre. This means more open ice and less man-on-man defense.

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Example 2: Think of how many close calls are offside by an inch and if that play went on without a whistle it would have been a great scoring chance. That wouldn’t happen without offsides, it would create more offense.

This would create a new way of thinking when it comes to offense for NHL teams.

Peter Deluca, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.