Report: Flames to move AHL affiliate to Abbotsford from Quad City

According to a report in the Calgary Herald the Flames are likely going to find a new home for their American League affiliate.

Currently, the Quad City Flames represent Calgary’s farm team out of Illinois. The report says the Flames have taken the appropriate steps to end the current relationship with that city and will sign a new 10-year affiliation with a group of investors located in Abbotsford, B.C., located 75 kilometres east of Vancouver.

”We’ve had substantial discussions with Abbotsford,” Flames president Ken King told the Herald. ”We’re in a situation where we’re completely comfortable with the terms of an arrangement. The move to Abbotsford requires approval of the American Hockey League board of governors, and there could be resistance from teams opposed to the travel.”

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The AHL’s board of governors must pass the move before it can become official.

”It’s a bold move. And I think it’s a smart move,” King said to the Herald. ”It’s a Canadian market. They know hockey. They understand hockey. They appreciate hockey. And they’ve been years in the making. They’ve been courting us and other teams for a long time.”