Report: NHL takes over control of Phoenix Coyotes

GLENDALE, Ariz. — The NHL has taken control of the cash-strapped Phoenix Coyotes, according to a report in the Arizona Republic.

Glendale city manager Ed Beasley told the Republic that the league is running the team and has promised to reimburse the city for parking fees and security costs at Arena, which is located in Glendale.

But Coyotes president Doug Moss, speaking to the Republic, denied the league has assumed control of the club. He said he continues to report to owner Jerry Moyes.

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The league declined comment on the report when contacted by The Canadian Press.

Beasley says the league started running the team around the time a rent payment was made in late February. The city and the league are working together and he expects all payments to be made in full, he added.

A call to Beasley was not immediately returned.

According to Glendale city records, the Coyotes stopped paying the city rent, parking fees and most of its security costs at the arena in August.