Reward winning in regulation

OK guys. This is hockey. Way too much emphasis is being put on the shootout. Here is an idea to put the emphasis back on the game where it belongs.

Don’t reward either team for not getting it done in regulation. If a team can’t produce a win in regulation, then it doesn’t deserve two points.

Give them one point for an overtime win and nothing for a loss, whether it’s in regulation or overtime. I believe that would make for a lot more exciting third periods than we have now.

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Most nights it seems both teams just want to make sure they get one point by getting into overtime, and then go for the second.

This idea would also make the shootout more exciting because it wouldn’t be such a common occurrence. It happens with such regularity now that it has become less exciting than it could be, if it was only needed to decide the odd game.

Les Randall, Pouce Coupe, B.C.