Richards deserved suspension

David Fanjoy, Burlington, Ont.

When I saw Mike Richards’ hit on David Booth in the Flyers-Panthers game I knew immediately he wouldn’t be suspended.

The hit was unquestionably suspension worthy, as Richards clearly went for Booth’s head, even though Booth did not have the puck. Booth was knocked out cold and had to be carted off the ice in a stretcher and spend the night in a hospital.

The referees on the ice got it right and gave Richards a penalty and an ejection for intent to injure. The NHL, however, has a huge problem when it comes to disciplining star players.

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If a fourth-liner had made this hit it would have been a two- or three-game suspension without a doubt. But the NHL does not want its star players missing games and will allow them to get away with anything to make sure they don’t.