Rick DiPietro


Status: New York Islanders goaltender
HT: 6-foot-1 WT: 210 pounds
DOB: Sept. 19, 1981 In: Winthrop, Mass.
Hockey Inspirations: “Wow. My father (Rick) of course. I looked up to Mike Richter, obviously, Ron Hextall. And being from Boston, Andy Moog was one of my big idols.”
Nicknames: “My dad always called me Rico when I was younger and that seemed to stick. Now – DP.”
Hobbies/Leisure Activities:
“I enjoy golf and fishing. Hanging out. Sitting on the couch watching television.” (smiles)
Favorite Movies:
“This is a hockey article so obviously I gotta say Slapshot. Caddyshack. Wedding Crashers. I love a lot of comedies.”
Favorite TV Shows: “24. I’m actually really into 24 now.”
Musical Tastes: “I Love Nickelback; 50 Cent.”
First Hockey Memory: “I can remember the first day I actually put the goalie pads on and sat in the net (age five). And, luckily, my parents caught some of that on videotape. So it’s fun to go back and watch it.”
First Job: “Was actually a janitor.” (age 16)

Where: “My dad’s business. He told me and my buddy we had a great job with walkie talkies and golf carts, the whole nine. We got there and we were scraping gum off the sidewalks and changing trash.” (smiles)
First Car: “A black Jeep Cherokee.”
Favorite Meal:
“Chicken cutlets.”
Favorite Breakfast Cereal: “That’s a good question. Raisin Bran Crunch.”
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Mint chocolate chip.”
Pre-Game Feeling: “Excited. Obviously you’ve got those butterflies. I think it’s nervous energy. And you just want to go out there and get it started as fast as possible.”
Greatest Sports Moment: “I think, so far, it would be getting named to the U.S. Olympic team.”
Most Painful Moment: “Losing to Finland in the Olympics.”
Favorite Uniforms: “My favorite – I actually like Buffalo’s new uniforms a lot. Those are nice. And Anaheim’s are nice, too.”
Closest NHL Friends: “Obviously my teammates. I’m good friends with Jason Krog and Ron Hainsey, over in Atlanta.”
Funniest Players Encountered: “I think Shawn Bates is one of the funniest. Garth Snow was definitely one of the funniest.”
Toughest Competitors:
“Aw man. Brendan Witt battles hard, man. Every night he gives you everything he’s got.”
Embarrassing Hockey Memory: “It happened in Pittsburgh. During a commercial break I was chirping at (Sergei) Gonchar and I caught a rut and fell on my back in front of everybody.” (smiles)
Funny Hockey Memory: “When we came out of the rink one day and Snowy’s car was filled up with those packing, popcorn-like things and he was losing his mind. That was funny.” (smiles)
Favorite Vacation Spot: “Right now – Bahamas.”
Favorite Athletes To Watch:
“Who do I like to watch? You can’t help but watch what Tiger Woods is doing and be impressed.

Favorite NHLers to Watch:
“I like watching hockey, period. But it’s fun watching guys like Sidney Crosby and those guys – those really talented offensive guys.”

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MLB: “Used to be Ken Griffey Jr., but I can’t say it’s Ken Griffey Jr. now. I have to go with David Ortiz.”

Tennis: “Federer.”
People Qualities Most Admired: “I like to see loyalty, dedication and commitment.”

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