RIP Luc Bourdon

I wish this could be your typical retirement letter. Full of “Thanks for the memories,” and “We appreciate everything you’ve done for us,” cliches that are oh so often used when a player hangs up his skates.

Unfortunately, in this case, we never had a chance to get those memories. Nor will Luc Bourdon have a chance to hang up his own skates. It’ll probably be his mom or dad performing that honor, if you can call it that.

While Luc never really had a chance to show the world his full potential, he still gave us flashes of brilliance, like when he dove to knock the puck off Alex Ovechkin’s stick to stop a breakaway. Or at the 2006 World Junior Championship, where not only did he help win gold for Canada, but us Canuck fans had a chance to shout “Luuuu” before Luongo ever wore our colors.

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Though your career – and life – was far too short-lived, lest we forget you Luc. RIP.

Virgil Carter, Vancouver, B.C.