Road Warrior: Bill Guerin

What’s one thing you have to take with you on every road trip?
My laptop. It’s a Mac and I chose that over PC just because it looks cool.

What do you do with the guys to pass the time?
Cards, although that is something I’ve had to give up. I used to play all the time on Long Island, but I was just brutal. They used to call me the human ATM machine.

On an off-day, although you don’t get many this year, what’s the best road city to enjoy time off?
New York City.

Favourite spot in New York?
The Oak Room. It’s the bar in the Plaza Hotel. It’s just an old-school bar.

Who do you room with on the road?
I don’t have a roommate. If you’re over 600 games you don’t have a roommate.

Do you have a road nightmare story?
There’s been a ton of travel stories, especially when I played in Edmonton, travel was tough. We flew commercial and it took us 19 hours to get do Denver one day. Through weather and fog and cancelled flights, it was tough.

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Worst hotel you’ve ever stayed in?
It was a Ramada, I think it was a Ramada, in Miami and we stayed there and it was just awful. I mean, roach motel, like it was terrible.

Worst heckling you’ve ever seen in a road rink?
You know what, I saw a sign one night in Calgary and there was two pictures. One of a certain kind of dog and one of my teammate. And I’m not gonna tell you which teammate, but it said ‘separated at birth?’ and it was bang on. Ninety percent of the guys on our team were dying laughing, some were crying it was so funny. So accurate.

As a family man, does it get hard to be away from your kids?
It does, it does. You miss a lot of activities; you miss a lot of games.  Everything falls on your wife so it gets hard on everybody, not just from me being away. You know, kids miss their father.

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