Road Warrior: Marc-Andre Fleury

What’s one thing you have to take with you on every road trip?
My PSP. Eight guys play on the plane. We play a war game four-on-four. It’s SOCOM, we’ve been playing that game for years and years.

Who’s your roomie on the road?
Max (Talbot).

What would Max say is the worst thing about rooming with Marc-Andre Fleury?
He’s a guy who is quick into bed and quick out of bed and I’m kind of slow and kind of lazy. So in the morning, he’s out of there pretty quick and I’m just rolling over. At night, I’m out when he turns the TV off, but it’s alright, we have fun.

What’s your favourite road city?
There’s a lot, but Montreal is always good because I get to see my friends and family.

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What’s the worst heckling you’ve ever encountered?
I don’t know, but just in Philly, you know, they are pretty intense. They don’t like us a whole lot and they always say I suck.

Do you have a road nightmare story? Was pushing the bus in the snow in Buffalo one of them?
Oh yeah, but that was funny stuff. Seeing the coaches, a couple of guys, trainers push the bus is funny. I think a road trip is always fun, but only if you’re winning. When you lose, it makes it a little worse because you don’t have fun off the ice, you don’t have fun on the ice.

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