Roberto Luongo, Eddie Lack find humor in Canucks goaltending controversy

The Vancouver Canucks have kicked the bees nest in the blue ice once again by starting Eddie Lack in Sunday’s Heritage Classic. But both Lack and Roberto Luongo showed they could find the lighter side of the situation.

John Tortorella’s decision to start Eddie Lack over Roberto Luongo in Sunday’s Heritage Classic restarted an awkward goalie situation that has already been put in the past once before.

With the Canucks falling further down the West’s playoff picture, Tortorella went with the hotter hand, though Luongo hadn’t played since before the Olympic break. But Sunday’s stadium game was as much a spectacle as it was a regular season NHL game, so the decision was symbolic – and distracting.

“Lu” chants and boo chants were heard as Lack struggled and the Canucks lost another one, this time 4-2 to Ottawa.

But on Monday, the two goalies were able to find the humor in their situation on Twitter. As you’d expect, Luongo got the ball rolling.

That’s an unfortunate equipment shot. But it was made funnier when Lack made light of his new antihero status in Vancouver and the unhappy reception he got before the game.

Vancouver next plays Tuesday night in Phoenix against a Coyotes squad that is only one point behind them with two games in hand. It’s a more important standings game for the Canucks than the Heritage Classic was, so Tortorella has to go with his No. 1.

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According to the fans, the contracts page and GM Mike Gillis’ trade last June, that’s Luongo. And making him the focal point of yet another goaltending controversy will do nothing to stabilize a team in danger of falling off the rails.

At least the Canucks can be thankful Luongo has handled everything the way he has through the Schneider days and now with Lack. This gem from a year ago won’t soon be forgotten.

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