Roberto Luongo has a new mask – what do you think?

The Florida Panthers goalie has been using a familiar old Pink Panther look since returning to his preferred destination at the trade deadline. Today, his new mask was revealed, to mixed reviews.

At this year’s trade deadline, Roberto Luongo was returned to his rightful NHL home when the imploding Vancouver Canucks traded their only remaining starter back to the Florida Panthers. Since returning to Sunrise, Luongo has a .923 save percentage and 2.45 GAA in 12 games and he’s done it while
sporting the familiar Pink Panther mask that fans were drawn to in his first go-around in Florida. A lot of goalies who get traded – such as Ryan Miller and Jaroslav Halak this season – usually wear a plain white helmet in lieu of wearing a mask that represents their former team. Luongo didn’t need this transitory look, since he had his old Panthers helmet still lying around. But today, his new Florida mask was revealed. What do you think?

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Luongo mask Personally, I was a fan of the Pink Panther, the waves and the palm trees. It was cartoony and goofy and silly, but it also represented the team well (insert joke here). Luongo’s new mask has a nice look as well (I’m a fan of the Panther on the side), but it feels much more plain and much less playful. Call me nostalgic, but I miss the old one already. When Luongo left Florida he was a 28-year-old and now he’s a grizzled 35. Maybe his taste has become more refined. Then again, maybe not…
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